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With a love of hats, old bicycles, waist coats and unfettered rock and roll Thee Rum Coves connect to their roots. Like Cosmo their taxidermied pheasant they maintain a consistent outlook on life… Rum-Cove, a great Rogue. (Dictionary of theiving slang, 1737). Born in the laboratory from the DNA of The Kinks, The Sonics and Dr Feelgood, Thee Rum Coves come blasting into your lounge like a sputnik of joy. Come on and rock n soulDescriptionThe new sound of Maximum Rock n Soul!! Band Interests: Jaguar cars, waistcoats and obscure garage psychInfluences: 1860's and 1960'sEnglish Jake - Vox n Gtr Rollin Jono - Drums n percussion Rock' n Tomi - Gtr Rhythm Ryan - Bass n voxHometown: Auckland, London and Santiago


Dirty Thief

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Simple Little Lie

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Next show!!! With the glorious Gina's Revenge, soul sister Tina Turntables and the inimitable Alan Perrott
Well we've been bloody quiet, haven't we!! Anyway, things starting to hot up. Baby Please is pretty much in the an and we're getting ready to shoot the video for it. Plus the album is nearly mixed (honest gov, it's in the post) and we've even got a couple of shows lined up. More grooving to come soon
She Waits for Me, recorded at Golden Dawn a couple of weeks ago. Thanks to Sebastian and Sono Producciones for the ace work. (repost with correct title)
"She waits for me" is an excerpt from the presentation that Thee Rum Coves performed on Friday March 21 at Golden Dawn Bar, Auckland. Director by Sebastian Vidal Live…
Friday night @The Mod Society was killer. Thanks to all of you who came along, danced, jumped around, sweated and made the night special.

Extra thanks to Will Saunders and The Lowest Fidelity for their punky psych madness and DJs Johnny Baker and Alan Perot for sublime tunes that kept the place moving til the early hours.

A final thank you to Matthew Crawley, Laura and their able troops at Golden Dawn.

We should do that again. What d'ya reckon?
Just over a week now until this Mod-tastic evening. Don't waste a mo but get your button down and 3 piece ready or perhaps your Mary Quant.
Famous designer Kate Sylvester checked out our poster last night and said" Did you put this gig on just for me!"

Big fan of garage and mod, apparently.

I wonder if she does menswear?