With a love of hats, old bicycles, waist coats and unfettered rock and roll Thee Rum Coves connect to their roots. Like Cosmo their taxidermied pheasant they maintain a consistent outlook on life… Rum-Cove, a great Rogue. (Dictionary of theiving slang, 1737). Born in the laboratory from the DNA of The Kinks, The Sonics and Dr Feelgood, Thee Rum Coves come blasting into your lounge like a sputnik of joy. Come on and rock n soulDescriptionThe new sound of Maximum Rock n Soul!! Band Interests: Jaguar cars, waistcoats and obscure garage psychInfluences: 1860's and 1960'sEnglish Jake - Vox n Gtr Rollin Jono - Drums n percussion Rock' n Tomi - Gtr Rhythm Ryan - Bass n voxHometown: Auckland, London and Santiago


Dirty Thief

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Simple Little Lie

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8/10? We'll take that. Cheers Chris and Doubtful Sound for another great review!
Album review of Thee Rum Coves - Thee Rum Coves by Chris Familton
Gutted to hear about the death of Kim Fowley. Twisted genius. Won't see the likes of him again, unless the title of this track is true
Hey, if you're in Auckland City you can buy our CD from that fine establishment Real Groovy! And have a look in the records while you're there. Some cool shit happening.
Go lucky 'Like' number 800!
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Starting the New Year in style!! Keep an eye out for us on the cover of a certain FOLDable gig guide out Wednesday! A few tasty gigs heading our way for end of Feb and March. More details soon.