The May Project is the musical counterpart to Auckland-based Katie Brown's designer fashion label Etta Every.

Profile image photography by Alex de Freitas.

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This is an enterprise run by two beautiful friends of mine who are working with migrants and former refugees creating the most beautiful scarves and stools - so worth the support!
We are a social enterprise and co-design company employing migrants and former refugees to collaboratively create scarves and stools.
There's a new little home for limited May Project merch and select Etta Every pieces on The May Project's website, we're all one big happy family...
Here you can find pieces currently available from The May Project's clothing label counterpart, Etta Every, along with The May Project merchandise.
I like this. Must be time to save up for a Blofeld
In this ’Hardware’ episode, Ela Minus describes the poetry behind an artist’s relationship with machines. Music Credits: "Volcán" - Ela Minus "Jamaica" - Ela...
Just for is a Robin Guthrie song I added vocals to!
Robin Guthrie's 'Some Sort of Paradise', with vocals added by The May Project (couldn't resist!). Lyrics are from Wordsworth's 'Lines Written in Early Spring...
SineRider remixed my little 'What Comes Before' demo and turned it into this lovely shimmering, glistening thing. Enjoy!
SineRider's remix of The May Project's 'What Comes Before'
Some beautiful new imagery by Yasmine Ganley up on The May Project site - xx

A little while ago the wonderful Yasmine Ganley of anyonegirl shot some beautiful campaign imagery for the S16 collection - it's now up online in two parts: the colour images on the Etta Every site, and the black and white on The May Project's. Have a peep if you will:

Photography by Yasmine Ganley
Image photography by Alex de Freitas