The brainchild of longtime musical collaborators Kris Muir (guitar, vocals) and Dru Norriss (drums), Christchurch-based alternative rock trio The Helpful began 2012 with a bang. Within a few short months the group released their debut EP, recruited bass player powerhouse Robbie Blakelock, and completed preparation of an energetic and authentic live show in anticipation of audiences to come.

The band has just completed their follow up EP, "Relationships are the stuff of life, James", which will be released in December 2012. Another entirely self-produced effort, this new EP is rockin' at times and delicate at others. Tracks like "No Idea" and "The Man I Never Knew" are loud and laden with crunchy guitars and augular chords, whereas "Hazard a Guess" is softly sung and almost lullaby-esque. 

When asked to describe the vibe of the new EP, frontman Kris Muir explained that "it's a consideration of the way people need people. For me it's about new relationships that are both thrilling and terrifying, and relationships that have never been. So yeah it's happy and sad and intense and whatever else, often all at once, and I think that sonically the music helps tell that story."

"Relationships are the stuff of life, James" is available directly from the band's Bandcamp page, and is free to stream! Checketh.


Hazard a Guess




No Idea




The New Brides