Live Drum n Bass / Rock / Electronic, 5 piece band. Soulful melodies and brutal beats.

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Curious Cut



Another successful weekend of recording at Dread Storm. 2 tracks down!!
This Friday! We'll be warming up the night at a nice n easy 830pm, get in there early so you don't miss us. Will be the last time you see us live till the new EP drops.. (headin into the studio on Saturday for our first day of recording!)

Craving some tasty, live music to sink your teeth into?

SIC Entertainment proudly presents FUSION - Auckland’s latest live electronic and alternative music feast.

You’ll be treated to an entree of “The Essential Tremor”, 5 piece live rock/drum ’n’ bass band with sweet melodies and bold beats. Recent winners of "The Audience" Wildcard for a recording and video grant, they’ll be sure to whet your appetite.

A main course of “The Mechanism” follows. Having just released their EP “Bitter Sweet Euphoria”, The Mechanism will be delivering their signature, fusion drum ’n bass sound as a live, 5 piece band. A tasty blend of ethnic flavours, beefy basslines, and spicy beats.

For dessert, you’ll be treated to “Static Era”. A fantastic way to conclude the evening with one of New Zealand’s finest hard rock bands. Epic vocals and powerful riffs, combined with flowing drums and mouth watering bass lines. This evening also marks the release of Static Era’s new album “Fit to Fight”.

DJ Kamotion will be serving up some delicious tunes between bands. With a wide repertoire, DJ Kamotion will be sure to satisfy all…


Friday 17 April, Juice Bar, 8pm, $10 entry.

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Ever wondered how the band got together? Listen to Nick being interviewed on the radio!
Workin on some new material! Yesssss those drumsticks have batteries in them.
Its all over on Saturday! Still at #1! We're so excited about throwing together an epic music vid with this $10000! If you can all give us a vote and a play every day till Saturday then I'm sure we can take this out! We cant thank you enough for all the support so far.
here's the link to vote again: CHEERS!
$10,000 to record and produce a music video!! Yeeeesssssss Please! Help us win this, click the link and vote for our track 'Curious Cut'. Will take you 12 seconds. You can vote once a day. Really want this! Bout time we made a video!
Live Drum n Bass / Rock / Electronic, 5 piece band. Soulful melodies and brutal beats.