Taxidermy Hall is the sound of 4am in your headphones; the sound of driving in summer. It's indie, it's pop and it's full of soft synth to sleep or smile or sing to.After years of different bands, different sounds, and different instruments, Taxidermy Hall has come together as the single musical thought from Rob Dickens, born Devonport, Auckland, now ex-pat living in Melbourne.Debut album 'Swimming in a Snow Globe' is out now through all major online outlets.




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Just found this one from a few weeks back, but have a read what Charlie Odell has to say about Cinematic Stewardess. Lovely. Lovely.
Ahh back once again! Today's tasty morsel of sonic discovery comes from a New Zealand dude (by way of New York and Melbourne) Rob Dickens, better known as Taxidermy Hall. Now, even though he is tec...
Some serious love from Radio Hauraki. Means a lot to get on the airways back home!!
Radio Hauraki will be playing Cinematic Stewardess tonight on DJ Lotions show! Check it out NZ, also online across the interwebs!
Cinematic Stewardess kicks off this tasty little mix from New York's Marat Berenstein!
TRACKLIST 1. Taxidermy Hall - Cinematic Stewardess 2. Gabriel Garzón-Montano - Keep on Running 3. Little Daylight - Overdose 4. Company Freak - Seasons Change 5. Broadway & Wilson - Sunny (PO!N
We Are Golden Music Group writing some nice things about Cinematic Stewardess. Thanks guys!
Melbourne via New York via Auckland's Rob Dickens new project Taxidermy Hall is described by him as music to cure hangovers, the sound of 4am in your headphones and the sound of driving in summer. Hopefully this does not mean Mr Dickens is condoning driving drunk at 4am until you sober out... Bad jo…
Siiiick. friendships remix of Cinematic Stewardess got a cheeky spin on Double J show 'Something More'. Thanks champion/host Tim Shiel!
Inspired by The Cat Empire's amazing African music special, Tim's playing some of his favourite outsider electro tracks from Africa, from Nigerian synth funk to Shangaan electro and music from Saharan cellphones. Plus we'll also hear new music from Tomas Barfod, Röyksopp & Robyn, and some spacious m…
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