Soulflex is a New Zealand based electronic act formed in 2011, consisting of three members, Reece Robb, James Harrison and Clinton Lauridsen. With a love of bass, beats and breaks, and a creative spark drivin by sound, these guys are well on there way already gathering a staunch following not only nationaly but also abroad.

All three members have been experimenting with electronic music production since 2008, And have all been actively involved as  DJ/Mc's in the NZ bass culture scene.

Infusing each of there own individual styles together they have proven they are capable of creating a fresh, unique, rhythmic Aotearoa sound worth listening too. Drum & Bass has been the avenue of choice this far but they are in no way limiting themselfs to the one genre, and you can definitly expect to hear more from these guys as they continue to push their sound further.



The Drill