Silence the city are a melodic, high energy Rock band based in Auckland, New Zealand.


Lie After Lie







Our page has been getting a steady stream of likes over the last couple of days, which is awesome! Hello all you new people. Welcome. Thanks for liking us. We like that you like!

In other news IDENTITY just hit 10k views on youtube. Nice one! Thanks to all that have watched's great to see our collective creation getting some love ;) And now, if you feel like having a sing-a-long, the lyrics have been added to the youtube description :) Just click that 'Watch Video' button on our page, and you'll go straight there. Too easy.
Massive shout out to our bros in Armed In Advance, who released their debut album today! It's a beauty!

Go find it on itunes, spotify and all the rest and give it a hoon. You won't regret it!

CHANGE/EVOLVE, our debut album, is out NOW.




Huge thanks to Riccardo Ball for helping to craft these songs into fighting shape in pre production, before helping us to get them out there and be heard!

Massive thanks also to James Alexander Boyd who produced, engineered and mixed the record!

Thank you to NZ On Air Music, BAYROCK ONLINE, The Axe Attack and The Rock for their ongoing support! Much appreciated!

Last but not least, thanks to every single one of you, who hits play, likes, and shares this music with their friends and family. Help us get this record spread far and wide!

"Armed In Advance are excited to introduce their Debut full length album Change/Evolve; 10 tracks - including their most recent singles ‘Stay’, ‘Same Old Story’ and the brand new track ‘Running You Down’ - that have been painstakingly crafted with one goal in mind; to create and showcase the absolute pinnacle of what this band has to offer. Set for release on 07/10/2016 These songs are the best from over 80 ideas, created and moulded in the two years since the release of the Stitches EP; and the end result is a devastating combination of thunderous grooves and churning rock riffs, anthemic choruses and energy to burn."

Adam smashing out some solid beats!
How epic is this ship!? We totally support Sea Shepherd, and the awesome work that they're doing, looking out for those that aren't able to look out for themselves.

Sometimes it feels like we are so isolated in our human ways that we forget that we share this great multi-coloured globe with 8.7 million other species.

We're not vegans, or even vegetarians, but we do believe that all creatures should be treated humanely and with respect.

Poachers, watch out! The Ocean Warrior is coming for you!

VIDEO: The MV Ocean Warrior Sets Sail for Australia via Amsterdam

At the conclusion of open sea trials last week The MV Ocean Warrior, Sea Shepherd Global's newly unveiled Antarctic patrol vessel, departed Turkey on its maiden voyage to Australia via Amsterdam. From September 26th to October 2nd the vessel will be docked at the NDSM wharf and open for FREE SHIP TOURS.

Opening times and location details can be found on our official events page:

From Amsterdam The MV Ocean Warrior will continue its journey to Australia to prepare for Operation Nemesis, our 11th whale defense campaign in the Southern Ocean. With lots of events planned for the coming weeks it's not too late to show your support!


#SeaShepherd #OceanWarrior #PoachersBeware #OpNemesis

4 months since we unleashed IDENTITY onto youtube! Time flies! Since then it has been viewed 8200 times! That's 2050 times a month! Or 500 times a week! Hell, that's 70 times a day...and on average 3 times an hour. AWESOME!
Find the track on itunes at Music "Identity" written and performed by Silence the City 2016 (C). T...
Cantabs!! Come along next Saturday to Churchills Live for our FIRST EVER South Island Show. The mighty Setting Fire To Stacey and Smokin' Voodoo are joining us for a massive night of Kiwi Rock. All info available below.

Silence The City and Setting Fire To Stacey have teamed up to put on two nights across NZ to showcase some of the best rock NZ has to offer.


Silence The City:
Having been in hibernation for most of 2016, with a single show opening for US heavyweights Sevendust, SILENCE THE CITY are ready and rearing to showcase their newly refined set.
Featuring a bunch of never before played album ready tunes, bursting with heavy grooving riffs and powerful melodic hooks, this set is sure to hit you right in the good spot - making this a night you won’t want to miss.

Setting Fire To Stacey
Known for their hard hitting brand of modern rock, Christchurch's SETTING FIRE TO STACEY are the perfect storm of driving riffs and searing vocals. Breakthrough single “No Way out” secured a spot on numerous radio station charts across the country, most notably achieving an impressive #65 on The Rock FM’s hottest 100 new songs of 2014. To add to the success on the airwaves, 2015 saw Setting Fire To Stacey invited to support rock greats such as Halestorm, Everclear, Blacklistt, I Am Giant, Devilskin and Villainy. Supporting these highly
anticipated and sold out shows has earned Setting Fire To Stacey a loyal fan base across the country. With a massive sound and a live performance not to be missed, Setting Fire To Stacey are a must see band.

Smokin Voodoo:
Smokin’ Voodoo is a four piece rock band influenced by the likes of Shihad, Queens of the Stone Age, Muse and Tool, with a powerful, infectious sound that you won’t be able to forget.

Since forming their current lineup in 2014, Smokin’ Voodoo has been going hard in the christchurch music scene, playing show after show of hard hitting energetic rock. As national finalists in the 2015 Demon Energy Battle of the Bands and RDU Roundup Champions 2016, SV are well placed to make themselves known in the New Zealand Music Scene. Smokin’ Voodoo are keeping up their hard working pace, opening for another Kiwi Rock Soundcheck featured artist, Stonehurst in august for their Free Yourself tour.

Tickets available from: