I'm a producer, rapper, singer and songwriter. I've written and produced instrumental music for the likes of Unique (22. 1st Initiate), Tyna Keelan, JB, Louie Knuxx, PNC, Tyson Tyler and Dane Rumble. For the last 3 years I have been honing my writing and vocal style, now I feel ready to lay all my cards on the table and express the artistic honesty that is my music. I am currently studying at Unitec doing a Diploma in Contemporary Music which is having a enlightening effect on my approach to everything that is art, not just music... I would say my "style" or genre is hard to pigeon hole, but more than anything it is about the spirit of the time and I treat it like a diary, its all emotionally reflective with a sci-fi/spiritual blend of electronic beats, samples and humour... From full on vocal songs with rapping and singing to ambient instrumentals designed to chill you out, make you laugh or provoke you into contemplating reality.


Can't Get Enough





Check this out
A song of mine called "Deep Down" with cool animation "MAN" by Steve Cutts, be cool, watch it!
I don't own the rights to this video. All the rights belong to the owner of the video and I'm not profiting by publishing it. Music: "Deep Down" by Sam & The...
Its a low life tuesday... I picked up a guitar and well... this happened. Song to be perfected but glad I can actually just about play and sing simultaneously. Props to me, I'm the nuts of a dog.
I might change my flow depending on the beat, change my tone depending on the key, cater to the music, not the scene, only catering food that I would eat...
New song, just for you "new agers"
New song, well... not as new as the whole bunch I've done since... but still, wanted to share something as its been a while... so here. Cheers to Age Pryor for the gat and coincidental name/subject ma
Man this is 4 years old, actually probably older, on a soundcloud clean up but this one stays! Still though... clearing out to add a whole bunch of new stuff real soon... Deleting is liberating. Deletiberating.
New master, bit brighter now!