I'm a producer, rapper, singer and songwriter. I've written and produced instrumental music for the likes of Unique (22. 1st Initiate), Tyna Keelan, JB, Louie Knuxx, PNC, Tyson Tyler and Dane Rumble. For the last 3 years I have been honing my writing and vocal style, now I feel ready to lay all my cards on the table and express the artistic honesty that is my music. I am currently studying at Unitec doing a Diploma in Contemporary Music which is having a enlightening effect on my approach to everything that is art, not just music... I would say my "style" or genre is hard to pigeon hole, but more than anything it is about the spirit of the time and I treat it like a diary, its all emotionally reflective with a sci-fi/spiritual blend of electronic beats, samples and humour... From full on vocal songs with rapping and singing to ambient instrumentals designed to chill you out, make you laugh or provoke you into contemplating reality.


Can't Get Enough

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"Why do we all dance to a different beat, some to impress some just to move their feet"... New song off upcoming album "Unwind". Merry Sacred Mushroom Eve.
1st song off my upcoming 2nd album "Unwind". An early christmas present for y'all.
Some music for you, all of you.
A collection of my beats with strong vocal sample elements. Credit to Age Pryor for playing gat and other things on track 8 "Good Feeling" which also features the only vocal by me on the mix. If you w
Dropping a beat (instrumental) mix for your ears in under an hour, lots of vocal samples from film and tv over various beats of mine. Something to chill out to or play in the background whilst having proper deep philosophical conversations with good friends at a party or something more low key, like an attempted party. Keep and eye out for "I.D.EARZ". Its coming soon... like really soon.
Hey everybody, my new album is on its way, watch out for a few volume jumps...
Its been a real emotional roller coaster year for me for numerous reasons, but, I still make music and I am near completing a new album I'm calling "Unwind", here are some rough snippets, some of thes
If you couldn't access it on bandcamp here it is on soundcloud... You've been "SPIN-FORMED"
This is a rather dark reflection of what we are daily embroiled in, modern life.
Always changing...
This is a song I've been sitting on. Can't sit anymore...