Ryan Fisherman is a solo Artist and Bedroom producer from Christchurch, New Zealand. The Fisherman EP "The Nest Egg" is out now and free to download!

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Yo Yo!!

I am supporting Doprah & Yumi Zouma for their Christchurch show tomorrow at the Wunderbar :-D Advance tics are sold out but there will be limited door sales, so I will be seeing all you earlybirds who are keen on some last chance tickets!!


Flying Out, Artist Voice and Vice are proud to present:

at the Wunderbar -- Lyttelton, Christchurch



Yumi Zouma, the mysterious dream disco group, with Doprah, the electronic noir “odd pop export”, make the perfect match. Both set the blog gods a-frothing, have made an international impression and were originally formed in the mighty Christchurch!

When Yumi Zouma’s debut EP broke on the internet, you could have been forgiven for not knowing they were a New Zealand act to begin with. Started by close friends split between NYC, Paris and Christchurch, producing music over Dropbox, and signed to Brooklyn label Cascine - they seemed to shy away from the attention most bands crave in their early days.

And they had no intention of touring. That was, until the demand became too much. With glowing reviews on Pitchfork, a best new music mention on The Guardian, they were lured into supporting Chet Faker for an astonishingly long run of Australian dates, and attracted by the best festivals of of the European summer circuit. Little could they have guessed that their biggest shows would be in their own country, supporting Lorde at venues like The Vector Arena.

In the last 18 months Doprah have played, Laneway Festival, Rhythm & Vines, a handful of shows in New York at the CMJ Music Marathon and more. Spin Magazine called their impressive video for “Stranger People” “a gauzy balance between the goth inclinations of fellow Kiwi Lorde, the noirish husk of Portishead, and the curious mood-making of cloud-rap” and they were shunted to No.2 on the Billboard “Next Big Sound” charts.

Two incredible stories for two new bands, and at just the beginning of their output.

For this tour Yumi Zouma are bringing their much-anticipated second EP to New Zealand, and Doprah are completing their first full tour since their debut EP. All in an intimate tour of smaller venues.

Dry & Slow for your ears, the Rickshaw E.P is out now!! Good on ya lads :-)
Have a hoon and share it round!

Hi all, here is batch number one from the Rickshaw boys. It is dry & slow enjoy.

It's been a while... Getting back into it next Wed with my bud Luckless! Hope to see ya there :-D

A Civil Wednesday night; poems, songs and whiskey to get you through the week. Ryan Fisherman, Luckless and Alice Andersen will be stringing you along through the evening.


The Fishermans music is a mix bag of Romantic vocal lines dipped in relaxed tones with an overall Country twist. Ryan Writes/Plays/Records all his material within the walls of an L shaped house that sits atop Huntsbury hill with a somewhat inspiring view of the city below.The Fisherman album Nest egg will be released late this year.. but for the meanwhile visit Bandcamp for a free E.P and sneak peak of whats to come.

Luckless’s sound is as elusive as smoke but as enveloping as smog. Definitions hover slightly out of reach while layers of guitar-wail and drum-thunder echo around the edges. Luckless is poised somewhere between the ethereal haze of indie folk and the propulsive drive of alt-rock.

Alice Andersen was born on a stormy Spring day in 1984 in Christchurch, New Zealand. She lives there still; in a small wooden house that didn't fall down through any disaster that threatened it. She raises two pink cheeked, peg-toothed children and writes poems at her kitchen table.

COME SAY HI :-) it will be doooope! On first round 9ish followed by Callum Gentleman and the lovely Luckless. Cheeeerz.

Love David Byrne? So do we. To celebrate @[138766039543324:274:darkroom]'s BIRTHDAY WEEK, @[113135305395255:274:Luckless] has rallied the Talking Heads memory bank for a set of super special covers, interspersed with the ethereal indie haze she is known for.

@[200566963334502:274:Callum Gentleman] (Akl) plays blues/folk noir which can be described as Nick Cave meets The Smiths in a dark alley where they conspire to kidnap Bob Dylan & move to New Zealand, punctuated with stories & banter with the audience that description is up for negotiation every night. Kinda.

@[152103684803314:274:Ryan Fisherman]'s music is a mix bag of Romantic vocal lines dipped in relaxed tones with an overall Country twist. Ryan Writes/Plays/Records all his material within the walls of an "L" shaped house that sits atop Huntsbury hill with a somewhat inspiring view of the city below. This will be the Fisherman's last show before heading overseas with Doprah, so make sure you're there.

To recap:

- The Darkroom's Birthday Week
- Talking Heads covers
- Callum Gentleman touring from Auckland
- The Fisherman's last show before jet setting


Plus it's free.

Got a cuply gigs tanite! First one is at darkroom with Will Wood - 9pm
The second is at the Wunderbar with Maryland - 10pm

Might see ya there ;-)

Tonight at darkroom, Will Wood with reb fountain and Ryan Fisherman. Open from 5pm with happy hour until 7pm. Show starts 9pm and is free as always.

Check out Will Wood on SoundCloud here:

This is coming up nek weeeeeek, It will be mellow az for all you mellow folk out there.

Come hit up the Wunderbar Lyttelton on the 25th of Sep for some mellow tunes & good times.

Music will start some time after 9pm & it's free az.

Ryan Fisherman


Sister Mary Eunice

Should be fun, come get loose on a Thurz!