ReZist is a 7-man “Heavy-Roots” band based in the Manawatu region. We are all proud alumni of UCOL’s Diploma in Contemporary Music program, where we all met and formed the band ReZist during the first semester of our second year of study in early 2014. All members have experience playing on stages in numerous local/college bands with various styles of music, Heavy Metal and Reggae being our primary genres, which gives our music a flavour similar to (but not identical to) bands such as SOLJAH, KORA and Sonz Of Zion, who are a few of our biggest influences. 

Our band consists of the following members:
Levi Lewis - Lead Vocals
Jordan Carr - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Trent Fairhurst - Lead/Rhythm Guitar
Ihaka Woon - Bass
Kahurangi Hapi-Tukapua - Drums, Backing Vocals
Taepa Martin - Keys, Rap
Otene Rakatau - Keys

So far we have been privileged enough to play at venues such as the Globe Theatre and the Regent on Broadway in Palmerston North, the Denbigh Hotel in Feilding and King St. Live in Masterton, alongside bands like Positive Kii and L40. Our sound is what we call “Rap, Rock, Reggae” or “Heavy-Roots”. As the name suggests, it is a steady mix of the feel and rhythm of Reggae held up by the solid back-bone of Heavy Metal, with a slight Hip-Hop twist here and there to keep it fresh. We are extremely passionate about our music, both on the stage & in the studio, and we are currently working on producing an E.P. Our Facebook page may be found at the link noted below, containing crowd footage of various performances and relevant information about our upcoming events.