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Podocarp is a 4-piece acoustic music project made up of Melissa Hibbert (Vocals), Steve Fowler (Guitar and Vocals), Jason Northover (Guitar and Vocals) and Jamie Thomson (Bass). 
Rising up from Christchurch Podocarp delivers a fusion of sound anywhere from soulful smoky jazz & bluestones right through to dustbowl folk and upbeat percussive groove.

Our sound is collectively conscious and original. Driven by passion and talent Podocarp have recently been gracing Christchurch’s local bars and cafes with their heartfelt melodies and velvet harmonies.

Visit our website to check out our upcoming releases leading up to Podocarp’s first full length album due for release in 2014. Until then, keep an eye on the website and like us on facebook for the latest music, information and upcoming gigs from Christchurch’s freshest acoustic act.