Parabola West is a song-writer out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Her music strikes for a truly balanced alchemy of melodies, groove and emotion, as she borrows from the vast vernacular of contemporary music to create something meaningful and unique.

Her latest single “Fire” kicks off with a dramatic strings section blending in with an elegant and understated electronic background. Particularly, the stringed instruments have an almost lyrical and vocal quality to their melodies, and it almost feels as if the songstress was duetting with them, making for a truly unique combination. Parabola’s vocals echo the outlandish and new age aesthetics of influential experimenters such as Björk or Tori Amos, but her song-writing is still anchored to those comfortable, familiar intangible elements that make listeners truly connect with music on a direct and instinctive level.

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If You Get It


Did You Hear?


Run Away







An oldie but a goodie - this is the first track off my Debut EP.
Please help me to get my next one underway by voting for 'Fire' daily with a vote-a-day-in-May :
This is an original song off my debut EP, "Did You Hear?" Available now from itunes, amazon, spotify, CDBaby, etc. Thank you for listening and please subscri...
If you haven't discovered The James yet, this song is a great introduction. We're working on plans to tour together and it's going to be groooooovy! Details soon :-)
“Lay Down” by THE JAMES will be released 1st May 2015 on A&R Records.
Really REALLY hoping to be able to do one of these for 'Fire' so please keep voting and playing in May to make it happen!
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Official music video for 'Did You Hear?' by Parabola West. Starring: Parabola West & Shannon Esquilat Director: Aidan Dickens Producer: Alex Arruda Director ...
I am so grateful. Thank you for keeping me at #1 today!! Amazing!
Parabola West and Candice Milner Music are the early front runners for the May #WildcardChart, but it's still anyone's game at the moment. Check out the songs at the top, and vote for your favourite! #WildcardWednesday
Thank you to for this amazing feature!!
Hailing from the East Coast of the USA, Parabola West is an exciting up and coming artist currently living in New Zealand. With her passionate, atmospheric and breath-taking weaving of emotion and...