'4 Track/Spitting Bullets' - Zacho Fraser

Devonport-raised singer, songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Zacho Fraser wrote '4Track/Spitting Bullets' at the start of August, when he had a chance to work on music during a break from attending university in Wellington. As he explains, "experiences and uneasiness about what kind of things I do as a person lead to the song being written. It's a self critical perspective of myself, and also includes an element of worry in how I present myself as a person."

Two weeks ago, Fraser got back into his production partner Morgan Allen's bedroom studio to record '4Track/Spitting Bullets'. "Morgan is a huge part of my sound," Fraser says. "I'd almost call this project a collaboration between me and him, as he helped me write some of the parts (such as the electric guitar in the chorus), and the production techniques he brings are very fundamental to how I sound as an artist."

Kicking off with his signature clear voiced vocals, rich piano, delicate guitar and a subtle yet shifting bass tone, a minute so into the song half-timed kick/finger-snap rhythms enter the mix, underpinning Fraser's expansive melody and harmony rooted soundworld with laidback modernist grooves.

"'4Track/Spitting Bullets' is the last song of my debut EP The First Collection," he reveals. "It relates back to the other songs through a similar soundscape used throughout the whole EP. Elements such as the drum samples and the tremolo guitar part relate directly to the other songs [as well]."

Martyn Pepperell