'Mildew Swoosh' - Fis

Wellington producer / DJ Fis arranged 'Mildew Swoosh' during the autumn of 2012. Working away on FL Studio 7 on a desktop computer, he created most of the sounds in the song through a mixture of Roland SH-201 sounds and found samples.Kicking off with rhythms that scurry and click like tiny robot insects, he crafts a slow burning intensity through the introduction of shimmering repetitive synthesiser notes and washy background pads.

While thoroughly alien when you first listen to it, through repetition and structure Fis gently coaxes your ears into different and rewarding ways of hearing and interpreting rhythm, melody and texture. He sums his creative philosophies up with a series of poetically poised Fis backronyms and associated quotes below.

Forever In Search: Like most of my work, this tune is me just having a look around. Sound has an infinite vocabulary because it's in the bone-marrow of the universe; so I'll always be looking to see what's possible. Maybe the search is always a toddler and I'll only ever see surfaces I'm yet to scratch.

First Instance Separation: Same old seeds means same old flowers. All things can reflect the conditions that let them exist in the first place. If an artist is ever going to carve out a new territory their work needs to be different at the seed-level, different before the start. I'm not sure this is actually reachable, but 'Mildew Swoosh' is one of many attempts to get nearer.

Forthright In Service: Like all my tracks, 'Mildew Swoosh' was just a thank you. I think music is divine. The opportunity to make it is a blessing. These are humbling ideas for me so I'll just have the head-down and make the most of it.

Fomented In Squalor: I've watched true musicians and artists make names for themselves before eroding into "producers", by getting comfortable and complacent. Their beats get blinded by privilege and the grit disappears. I'll try and avoid that like the plague. I love my shitty bedroom studio as it keeps things honest.

Martyn Pepperell