D:UNK - In The City

Written in the shadow of a recent infatuation with Pink Floyd and Van Halen, In The City by Wellington producer/DJ D:UNK is a collision between two eras: The flamboyant psychedelica of the seventies and the synth funk informed future bass sounds of the last half decade.

As he puts it, "This track is a re-edit of an old idea I had a few years ago. I kept the lead line, bass line and trippy guitar parts from the track and formed new melodic synth lines around that idea. "A lot of my music takes a mono melodic structure, but in this track I wanted to make it not only rhythmically diverse, but also melodically diverse. I added slight changes along the way which add to the journey. I was going for an all immersive vibe with all the sounds engulfing you and transporting you to another place."

D:UNK arranged In The City in Logic Pro. Most of the synth sounds were created with the vintage MS10 and Polly 6 synth plug-ins. He also incorporated Korg R3 synth parts and some electric guitar run through a bunch of delays and reverbs.

Cerebral yet physical, it's music for your hips and your head.    

Martyn Pepperell


"That one has drama to burn. I started sweating just listening to it." - Grant Smithies, Music Editor, Sunday Star Times