'Jamie Knows' - Astro Children

Astro Children's singer/guitarist Millie Lovelock wrote 'Jamie Knows' in high school. "I see it as being about a really warm, post-apocalyptic place with lots of dry grass and broken buildings," she says. Supported by drummer Isaac Hickey's vibrant splashy rhythms, Lovelock articulates this sonic landscape through washy sunshine guitar psychedelica, and a soft ethereal vocal performance perhaps more about textural use of voice than explicit lyrical text.

Astro Children assembled 'Jamie Knows' at The Attic, a creative space in Dunedin over two sessions; before Christmas for drums and guitar, then another session several weeks ago for vocals and extra guitar. Ultimately, the goal was, as Lovelock puts it, " release a nice pop song." With the guitar running through a digital delay pedal, they took the interesting road of simultaneously recording the vocals through a SingStar karaoke microphone and a higher quality microphone at the same time.

The result is a piece of washed out indie pop so dry, warm and desolate you start seeing coastal mirages. Slowly curling over on itself like an ocean wave twisting into a surf barrel, 'Jamie Knows' rides out like a carefree endless summer before finally crashing against the foreshore. Everything must pass.

 Martyn Pepperell