The NZ On Air Making Tracks scheme takes a break over December / January, so there is no official Wildcard funding again until February 2013. But just because it's summer doesn’t mean you can take the next few months off. Instead of just suspending the competition we’ve put together our own version of a recording and video grant.

The way you enter is exactly the same - upload your track and submit it for the Wildcard Chart. What is different is that over the Dec / Jan period the competition will run for two months instead of one, and we’ll reset the Wildcard Chart to reflect this. The track with the most points accumulated over Dec / Jan will finish in the #1 position and win the inaugural Recording Grant (we tried to come up with a clever name for this involving an orange but couldn’t…. if you can think of anything let us know). Recording Grant:

The #1 artist will get to record their track and make a music video at our expense.  And get this, no $2000 contribution! We will pick up the whole tab. In fact, we will even arrange for the mastering and (if you want us to) the commercial release.

The #1 artist will get a  full day’s recording in the legendary Brick Room at Roundhead Studios - the home of In Session - to record their track. They will also get to make a video, directed by world renowned, multi-award winning photographer and director Mat Baker. The extraordinary Chris Chetland from Kog has also agreed to master the track.

So there you have it. Get your new tracks up on during December 2012 / January 2013 and get your fans motivated.