Miniatures are a Shoegaze/Dream-pop quartet based around the works of Christchurch, New Zealand ex-pats Ché Walden and Annemarie Duff. With a new live set, lineup and a healthy bank of effects, 2013 sees Miniatures finally taking their dense walls of spaced out, dreamy soundscapes out of the bedroom and into the world.

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This tonight! We're on at 5.45pm, see you sooooon

Starting recording for album in March xox
Happy New Year to all you fine folks. 2015 is gonna be our year, exciting things to come, stay tuned xox
S05E02: The gang plays a rock show
Playing this tonight with some rad new friends! Come to the Grace and cool down by drinking all their beers.
Hey folks. Couple of changes in the works lately. Hopefully we'll be able to get cracking on this album before too long! In the meantime, come see us play this Friday night with some cool bands