Heeeeeey, my full name is Miller Jude Christensen-Yule

I started to write my own songs when I was 14. I wanted to be a rockstar like AC/DC, Deep Purple, Metallica, Queen, Iron Maiden, Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, etc (insert more typical teenage boy rockstar idols here). I was writing big epic rock ballads, ‘Bon Jovi-Style’. I still have my first song and it's terrible, but it was the spark that lit the flame.

I found my father's CD collection and began to work my way through that. I stopped for a while when I came across Elton John. He's the man. I wanted to learn the piano. It was also at this point that music class at school was becoming more theoretical. I found a piano teacher to teach me music theory and Elton John songs. The final puzzle piece was to start singing annnnnnnd here I am!

I was a top 10 finalist in the MLT (Mataura Licensing Trust) Songwriting Competition with highschool compadre Matt Innes in 2010. That year also saw me launch into my solo career, composing and performing, ‘A Full Moon Melody’ for the NZ feature film, ‘The Insatiable Moon’.

In 2013 I was an MLT top 10 finalist with my own original song, ‘Seems To Be Ok.’ Both 'A Full Moon Melody' & 'Seems To Be Ok' were then released as singles.

Valentine's Day in 2015 saw the release of my latest single 'Shoot Me In The Heart'. The song received much attention and praise.

Each step I take forward seems to be a new highlight in my career but supporting Don McGlashan at The Leigh Sawmill in 2012 still stands out. Great venue, great audience, great atmosphere and Don is awesome!

I have also composed music for television, film, and animation. I am currently working on writing and recording new music for release.


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Yo yo yo everybody! Here is a new song to make you all cry. Have fun :)
New song almost keep studying university people! You shouldn't be reading this, get off face book! :)

SURPRISE EVERYONE! Thank you all for the 50 likes! As far as I'm concerned that's 50 likes closer to Justin Bieber! To celebrate here is a live performance of my song "SEE YOU 'ROUND".

A.J Bell on the lap steel and Tom Alexander on the drums.

Thank you everyone you're are all grand!

Miller :)
50 Likes! You know what that means...

Miller's Super Sweet Super Special 50 Likes Extravaganza!

Coming soon, maybe tonight...
So there's this new website...

Free streaming of anyone and anything who wants to post music in New Zealand. You can vote for your favourite unreleased tracks. Top song at the end of each month gets $10,000 music video grant.

Really cool to hear lots of different people posting their thang! Listen and enjoy...or if you don't enjoy, don't listen.

Thank you!
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Went to Real Groovy the other day. Found all the Insatiable Moon Soundtrack CD's in the Film Soundtrack section. Got them all out and made a nice little display for the world to see!

I thought it would have been a bit much to sneak them all and replace them with each of the Real Groovy top 10 at the front of the day...