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Matthew Pickering

Matthew Pickering

Wellington based folk musician Matthew Pickering is a lover of words, and capturing histories in song form. His music follows a strong folk tradition of storytelling, neatly presented in an acoustic format of banjos, picked guitar, fiddle and gentle piano melodies. Pickering draws influence from the likes of M. Ward, Tim Buckley and Joanna Newsom.

In 2006 he released is debut recording 'The Planetarium' EP, followed by the beautiful 'The Burnside Church' album released in 2011. On the 1st October 2012, Pickering is releasing his third musical offering ‘Up at the Bunkers’ - a lovely, considered seven-song collection that speaks of couch-surfers, seaside adventures, gatherings of friends and other tales.

‘Up at the Bunkers’ was recorded over several months at the Surgery, engineered by Lee Prebble with a rag-tag band of talented friends helping in the musical arrangements including Brendan Schenk (banjo) who also performs in Pickering’s live band. They will be performing a national tour of intimate venues and house concerts during October.