Lead the Way by Marconi Receiver. Featuring Jennifer Freed: vocals, Tamasin Taylor: guitar, vibraphone; Sean Murphy: guitar, vibraphone; Andy Gibbons: bass, Callum Stembridge: guitar, Ivan Luketinajohnston: drums, Grace Meyer: keys. Written By Tamasin Taylor. Recorded and engineered at Home by Sean Murphy.  Drums recorded and mastered by Olly Harmer @ The Lab. Produced by Tamasin Taylor and Sean Murphy.

                                                                                                                                   Marconi Receiver was formed by Tamasin Taylor (Nudie Suits) in 2010. After a couple of successful Auckland concerts, focus turned to the studio where production began for the forthcoming debut album. 2012 sees the pending release of the album. Tamasin Taylor : vocals, violins, keys, guitar, vibes; Jennifer Freed: vocals, percussion; Sean Murphy: guitar, vibraphone, keys,vocals;  Callum Gentleman: guitar; Andrew Gibbons: bass; Grace Meyer: keyboards, vocals; Fred Williams: drums