Laura Hunter

Laura Hunter

Up and coming artist Laura Hunter, releases her highly anticipated EP on the 21st of June 2013, after an organic process of developing, collaborating and performing with Producer/Musician, Lukas Kelly. The five track EP beautifully reveals a unique new sound to hit the New Zealand music scene, celebrating and introducing Laura's exploration of music genres. 

Electro pop meets drum and bass, held together by rhythmic acoustic guitar, emotive lyrics and a fresh captivating new voice. Laura's passion and talent for songwriting, shines through on the EP and connects to a wide audience, sending out strong messages, and telling compelling stories through uplifting music.

Laura’s success shone through this year on The Audience, where her two singles, featured on the EP, 'Don't Be Afraid to Love' and 'Driving in a Straight Line' both remained at number one of the released charts. This single secured a place on ‘The Best of the Audience Year One’ Spotify playlist. Laura also won The Audience competition for the Six60 support act at Six60’s Christchurch gig at the Bedford. We also saw Laura collaborating with Musician/MC, Tali on the track ‘Festivally Skank’ off her recent album ‘Of things to come’, and performing live with Tali's 12 Piece band at Rhythm and Alps.

The EP will be released digitally by Amplifier on iTunes, in addition to a small collection of Physical copies which can be ordered on Bandcamp, The track list is as follows; Don’t Be Afraid To Love, Twisted Games, Crystal Heart, Driving in a Straight Line, and Soothing Madness.

There is something for everyone on this EP from; Don’t Be Afraid To Love’ an electro Drum and Bass love song that expresses the importance of not being afraid to follow your heart when paths intertwine.

Twisted Games’ a refreshing electro, pop, dance track, tells the story of being drawn into the games we often play within relationships.

 Crystal heart’ which is accompanied by an orchestral composition from Musician Dan Lynch, written for a friend of Laura’s lost to mental illness, a powerfully emotional song.

Driving in a Straight Line’ is an electro pop song about moving through life, not looking back, and manifesting positive new experiences. Finishing the EP off with ‘Soothing Madness which inspired the art work for the EP is a moody, soulful DnB track set in the winters ocean. The lyrics express the release of chaos in life, for Laura this outlet is often through surfing and music.

Laura and Lukas held an EP Pre-release gig in May's Music Month at the Dux Live performing their electro live
set to a substantial and extremely receptive crowd. Their next show is on the 20th of July at Delusso in Dunedin, with support from Tali (Acoustic). The two will be performing shows around New Zealand over the next few months, which you can follow on Facebook.

Laura is heading back into the studio to write her Debut album and to continue developing her live electro show to secure summer festival slots for 2014.