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“70's vibed Indie Art Rock: Earworm Melodies over ornate arrangements”

Julie Lamb is all class, more sass and hysterical "funnerisms" wrapped in one feisty package. Hailing from Wellington NZ, by day she is the Principal of Julie Lamb and Associates but by night she is the lead singer/songwriter for The Julie Lamb band. Having dabbled in various musical styles and bands for "mumble" years (acts include Joplin covers band "Channeling Janis" and "10dd", an accapella 12 piece troupe that sings 10cc numbers), performing has always been her outlet for expression, a way to connect with others on the same wavelength. But it is the original material that brings this driven diva to life.

"Every song carries a unique edge that sets it apart from the standard rock fodder lurking on every corner" Martyn Pepperell, Fishhead magazine.

Julie painstakingly crafts each arrangement and surrounds herself with musicians who have the expertise to color the final form, the core of whom tend to be Andrew Richardson (drums), Callum Hazlitt-Black (bass) and Dave Hadley (guitar). The success of sophomore album Tripping The Light Fantastic is her best yet, garnering international airplay in Canada, USA, UK and Europe and having songs selected for global compilations: Jack and Jill No. 20 and Acid Tapes in Australia, 1st Renaissance in the UK and Indie Music Bus Favourites in the USA. The album also led to Julie being named TalentCast Artist of the week in the Netherlands (twice), featured artist on both Rocker's Dive Radio NY and Reverbnation and silver medals from the Beat100 A&R team for her "Waterproof" music video. Not one to rest on her laurels, Julie and the lads are fresh from the studio so keep an eye out for the follow-up album.

"If you can, catch Julie Lamb live" John Shearer,

Does the thought of whimsical, rock-tinged music with lyrical twists to "keep you on your toes" ignite your curiosity? Are you a fan of mischief, laughter and layers of musicality delivered by an 11-piece ensemble of fun loving musicians? Then make it your mission to experience the Julie Lamb Band live, up close and personal.

 "There is nothing more astounding than actually getting to play the works with great musicians to a fabulous audience. And laughing - laughter is just right!" Julie Lamb

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What is this fiery glow in the sky through yon salt spotted windscreen? Where are my eye covers that…
julielambmusic's photo on Instagram #insight into the world of #recording HaHa <3 FUN @nzonairmusic @WellingtonNZ @RadioKC @Merrinaised @BlogOnTheTracks
Here's a really cool insight into the world of recording. Lenscraft Photography (Olex) in the room while a rhythm (Drums/Bass/Keys) track is being laid. Drums at their Drummiest! #WhenWeHangOut
Finished tracking "Wanna Go To The Sun". #MrMusicGod @peterframpton we thank you for the song AND @rockon365 we thank you for the intro :)
Excited about the new album now! (Number 3) And thanks to all of you that voted for the album name we now have a winner... "When We Hang Out"... We have completed all of the recording except backing vocals (BV's) on one song and 3 lead vocal tracks... Once that fun part is over - the hard work begins! (I confess that this time we have already started the hard work, and several tracks are near completion... ) Now to work on funding the next bit! Back to the 7 day a week day job! (Lucky I love that too!)
What musicians really do wgtnmuso
julielambmusic's photo on Instagram
Please sir - are you pressing the button that makes all the sliders move? You are?!!?! Can you do it again?!?!? And now? and Now?
Birdman Wellington - with pretty washing! Great photo Lenscraft Photography