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70's vibed indie art rock: Earworm Melodies over ornate arrangements.
The Julie Lamb Band is an 11 piece band with the energy of a 747 taking off, but more finesse. We have the necessary basics: drums, bass, guitar, vocals, and all of the essential additives: 3 backing vocalists, trombone, saxophone, percussion and keys!
Writing, arranging and performing music are some of the most incredible buzzes in my world. I want to be doing this stuff when I'm 90...I love it! - It's like a little spark sets up and won't go out... little bits in my journals that turn into full blown songs... often in response to a rhythm that sets up just outside of consciousness... and sits until the song writes all over my pages. And there is nothing more astounding than actually getting to play the works with great musicians to a fabulous audience. WOW!Music! It keeps my heart glad and my blood pressure low! Oh - and laughing - laughter is just right!

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Looking at my cover and profile photos - reminds me of the hot summer days! Hoping to find a couple more in #gigatowngis - might be a wish too far, eh!?? Come on the SUN!!
Clockwork: The Bomb - Album Release Party via @eventfinder @PromoteNZMuzic @nzonairmusic @BlogOnTheTracks #nzmusic
Buy tickets for Clockwork: The Bomb - Album Release Party - Clockwork: The Bomb - Album Release Party, Here it is! The album that's been 3 years in the ..., James Cabaret, Wellington, Wellington Region, 16 May 2014,
Thanks Kapiti Observer for the cool as picture of the singers working hard in the Julie Lamb Band... Boys, we'll get you next time, eh?!?! Page 12-13 - with all the cuteness of the dancers too!
Had a fabulous interview on Butterflies Radio - All Indie, All the Time last November. These guys are GREAT #indie supporters and work hard for the musicians on rotation with them. Thans Carol and Mark - And Walter from Indie Music Bus for the intro. The blog is here, and includes the podcast.
Joining Mark and I today from the land of the “long white cloud”, the asshole of the fish, or the bottom section of the north island, on the southern coast, or in other words - Wellington, New Zealand – JULIE LAMB. Julie is in fact our very first Kiwi! Just to clear something up, the name
What have I been up to? THIS... with thanks to Kristine Walsh from the The Gisborne Herald, Spellbound Harbour Radio, and Donald Laing for the piccy!
MUSIC - YOU would think that wrangling a band of 11 members would be something akin to wrestling cats but, as far as band leader Julie Lamb is
At Kilbirnie Festival - Thanks Martin Wilson!
A snippet of a new song - that we LURVE! At Kilbirnie Festival - Summer of Loving our Planet
Birdman Wellington - with pretty washing! Great photo Lenscraft Photography