Charting, award winning band from Wellington, NZ
70's vibed indie art rock: Earworm Melodies over ornate arrangements. An 11 piece band with the energy of a 747 taking off, but more finesse. We have the necessary basics AND all of the essential additives!

“Music! It keeps my heart glad.”

Chances are if you’re involved in the Wellington music scene you’ve met Julie Lamb.

During her 15 year music career the award winning, charting musician has written, performed and recorded original music; formed and promoted bands and choirs; and organised and directed multi-band music events. She’s even the Treasurer of the Capital Blues Club, Aro Creative and the Wellington Jazz Orchestra . In her down time you’ll find her in the crowd supporting other musicians.

“Writing, arranging and performing music are some of the most incredible buzzes in my world. I want to be doing this stuff when I'm 90...”

Julie has written and recorded three acclaimed albums – Most and Least (2008); Trippin’ the Light (2012); and When we Hang Out (2014) which debuted at number 10 on the New Zealand Music Charts. Gliding between rock, funk, blues and back again Julie puts lyrical twists to earworm melodies that stay true to her 70s style vibe. Her arrangements are painstakingly crafted; her songs clever, intelligent, impassioned and punctuated with humour and light.

In 2011, in preparation for Trippin’ the Light Julie brought together a group of gifted musicians who have gelled into the standout 11-piece Julie Lamb Band. The core of the band - Julie, drummer Andrew Richardson, bassist Callum Hazlitt-Black and guitarist Dave Hadley have co-written many of the songs on When we Hang Out and continue to collaborate on new work. They are joined by Andreas Lepper on percussion, Damian Forlong on trombone, Geraint Scott on saxophone, Megan McCarthy on keyboard and Deb Rock-Evans, Emma Davey and Miranda Turner delivering backing vocals - each adding their own touches to the songs as they evolve.

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Julie Lamb
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Why Do I Forget


Clouds Cried Red


Time Flies





Nice ups from Jedi Bret of Middle Tennessee Music - great catching up with you too, man!
Jedi Work Jam's first installment Jedi Bret with Julie lamb
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This week is the third week PAL... (Post Album Launch) I've had a couple of brilliant gigs, helped run a music stage at CubaDupa, proudly pushed the fact that we've hit the NZ charts and pimped the very good album that is Ordinary Days! #ThoseMusiciansThough A bandcamp download would sit nicely in your collection, and is cheaper, for you, and about the same money for us as iTunes... although you can itunes too!! Go on, take a wee slice of #JulieLambBand into your virtual world for a tenner... help us keep making music!
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