Jack Landy

Jack Landy

1: A writer, especially of lyric-poetry. 2: A musician, especially of indie-folk.

Working at sea, busking along narrow lanes in Italy, wandering across the South of France, sitting in bars and working on the docks of Marseille are where Jack Landy's written most of his songs. They're songs about love, regret, travel.

Upon returning home to Auckland, New Zealand, he recorded 13 tracks which he had written over the last 10 years to produce his debut album ‘Lost & Found’, which takes the listener for a journey, combining Jack’s travels across distant lands with a tumultuous relationship with a girl to produce reflective and sentimental songs offering glimpses of insight.

Listeners may pick references to books such as Moby Dick, On the Road and Don Quixote and quotes from writers such as Gustave Flaubert. 

Originally intended to be only guitar, harmonica and vocals, he found motifs and riffs creeping into his head and soon he had a banjo, French horn, ukulele, violin, organ, piano and even bagpipes finding their way into his songs.