Henika is Henrieta Tornyai, a newcomer multi-instrumentalist singer-songwriter whose music blends genres as diverse as alternative rock, folk and jazz.

Announcing the self-titled debut EP by Henika, an NZ alternative solo artist, arriving on September 1st 2016. Recorded and produced by the legendary Andrew Buckton (Midnight Youth, Steriogram, D4) and featuring veteran drummer Mike Franklin-Browne (Pluto, Head Like A Hole), it is a polished yet fresh debut. The 6 track EP includes Henika’s previously released single ‘You bring me down’, a song that won Wildcard funding by popular vote from NZonAir in 2015.

Somewhere between Joni Mitchell and PJ Harvey, the EP swings from darkness to light, from stripped down, to a huge wall of sound. The vulnerable openness of a track like ‘The River’ is contrasted by the Jeff Buckley-esque dissonant layered guitars of ‘Torn in Two.’ A creamy and haunting lead vocal, introspective lyrics and 3 part harmonies combine to create a dark cinematic atmosphere, not unlike a David Lynch soundtrack.

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The River


You Bring Me Down


The Night Has Come


One More Time






6 Tracks


Some fan footage from Saturday's gig. What a perfect day it was. Thank you to Orewa Arts Council for putting it on and Andy from Tom Cat Productions for the brilliant job on the sound. And of course, a big thank you to Tim Gittins, Dean Rodrigues and Josh Clark :)
Fan shot video from the Orewa Boulevard Fiesta 11.02.2017. Featuring Dean Rodrigues on drums, Josh Clark on keys and bvs and Tim Gittins on guitar and bvs. T...
Here's the link to the show featuring some of my music on National Radio!
Dunken Frances has picked the self-titled album by Henika.
Happy New Year! I'm excited to announce my first live performance of 2017. Come enjoy a day at the beach at the Orewa Boulevard Fiesta. Can't wait!
I'll be playing with my 4 piece band on the main stage. A whole day of music, markets and all kinds of fun right next to one of Auckland's best beaches! IT'S FREE!
Super stoked to be playing this Sunday at the Kingsland Folk Club with my band. It's the perfect setting! Flight 605 on New North Road from 6pm. Can't wait!

Wow, it feels like we've been away for an age! We are so looking forward to being back this Sunday with a pretty amazing bunch of acts ready to put on one heck of a return show. And with that, we're very excited to share with you our first announcement, indie singer-songwriter Henika.

With a sound described as “a dark, atmospheric mix of PJ Harvey, Jeff Buckley and Nick Cave”, Henika (AKA Henrieta Tornyai) conjures up a sound like no other, pooling together elements of alternative rock, blues, jazz and folk, and infusing them with the unconventional.

Playing with a full band this Sunday, this is a performance not to be missed, but if you'd like a little taste of what to expect in the meantime, check out her official video for her single "The River" right here.

This is my entry into the Auckland Folk Festival Showcase Spot. Hope you enjoy it. It would be an honour to play this festival!
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