Heathen Eyes are an Auckland based heavey rock band that formed in 2010 they are influenced by bands such as Alice In Chains, Smashing Pumpkins, Filter and Deftones to name a few.They have been tucked away writing and refining a set of new music along with a solid and impressive new line up - Heathen Eyes are on the rise!

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Listen to us on the Aotearoa Rock Show

February 3rd Playlist B1FM THE Aotearoa Rock Show!
27 Kiwi Rock Bands
1. (New Plymouth,NZ) The One Eyed Jacks - Crystal Lady
2. (Auckland, NZ) Fuelset - Leading Goats To Water
3. (Auckland,NZ) Heathen Eyes - Ocea
4. (NZ, Based in Adelaide, S.A) Roadside Theory - Knife In The Spine
5. (Auckland,NZ) The Electric Era - Dripping North Sea
6. (Auckland) Shelter - Blacklight Friday
7. (Bay Of Plenty,NZ) Storm Eater - Bring Out Your Dead
8. (Wellington,NZ) The New Brides - Jesus Pilot
9. (Wellington,NZ) Plastic Groove - Strange Lands Fall
10. (Christchurch,NZ) Lebowski - Population Control
11. (Wellington,NZ) Sekht - Delusion Seeker
12. (Auckland,NZ) Dakota - Coffee And Cigarettes
13. (Christchurch,NZ) Stonehurst - Criminal Bonding
14. (Christchurch, NZ) Where We Stood - Bury The Risen
second part of the show
15. (Auckland,NZ) These Automatic Changers - Under Arrest
16.(Invercargill, NZ) Osmium - Ruin
17. (Mt Maungnui,NZ) Uneven Ground - Release
18. (Rotorua,NZ) Copious Ail - Spiders
19. (Wellington,NZ) Tsunami House - Lean To
20. (Auckland) Thirty Years Late - Amazing
21. (Christchurch,NZ) Von Voin Strum - Power And Filth
22. (Auckland,NZ) Fire At Will - Can't Wait
23. (Auckland,NZ) 71 Sunset - Empty
24. (Kapiti,NZ) Pills For Breakfast - Vampire
25. (Cambridge,NZ) Contrast Theory - Voodoo Doll
26. (Auckland,NZ) Dakota - Devil
27. (Lower Hutt,NZ) The Velvet Regime - There Is A Light

HERE IS THE LINK: for B1FM wait for 3 mins to fully down load the radio streaming will come on auto and will also translate site into English!!!

We here at Heathen Eyes thank you all for getting our video views past 2000 in 2 days - almost 300 extra views! Good job all :) Thanks heaps for spreading the word and increasing our chances of getting funding!
Whoa - almost 200 views since yesterday with only 100 more needed!!!! Too much guys :) Thats awesome.....keep on sharing, we're really buzzed with the response!
buy the single at Filmed and edited by Top Shelf Productions 2012 Filmed at King Seat Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand Written an...
hey guys - we're currently applying for NZ on Air funding - we have 1720 Youtube views of Ocea but we need 2000, it would be great and humbling if you could all help us out by checking it out and getting our numbers up!
buy the single at Filmed and edited by Top Shelf Productions 2012 Filmed at King Seat Hospital, Auckland, New Zealand Written an...
Our next out of town show ~
"Yes i like what they bought to our line up of all different kinds of rock and metal, maybe not all kinds, but enough kinds and Heathen Eyes do their kind perfectly: D" - some great feed back from our show in Gizzy
intro shots way out west....couldnt have picked a worse but more perfect day to shoot!
nice jib shot
Chris gets one in the can
Where's the drummer?
Stuart doing what he does, directing.




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