Fazerdaze is the bedroom recording project of Auckland based musician/songwriter Amelia Murray.

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I talked with i-D about what I've been up to and what's to come 2017.

Thank you guys for being so patient with me while I learn to do this!
From breaking out to hanging with Bjork, New Zealand’s favourite new act is making serious waves.
sorry for bein quiet lately, just a lil busy having the greatest time of my life here at Red Bull Music Academy :'( also very sn im gonna premiere a track off my new album at 10am EDT on RBMA Radio:)
Live from Montréal, we’re talking psychedelic excursions with our participants from New Zealand, the US, the Netherlands and Japan.
Playing this pretty sic show tomorrow night with Thundercat and some new friends I've made here at Red Bull Music Academy <3!

@[404206916318839:274:Thundercat], @[182490341830364:274:RP Boo], @[142008585864306:274:Dorian Concept], @[185721321514149:274:DJ Taye], @[248981191792930:274:Jlin], @[112450938839031:274:Hyroglifics], @[551753134945100:274:Daudi Matsiko], @[116330762494:274:Idgy Dean], @[261924107313587:274:Fazerdaze], @[1567375606834942:274:Auður], @[679009142144916:274:Niels Broos], Nicholas G. Padilla, @[1532465897027198:274:Ghost Wavvves], @[498979096825122:274:Schmieds Puls]


La Red Bull Music Academy présente une rare soirée de mutations électroniques et d'expérimentation instrumentale. Répartie sur trois salles, la programmation musicale pour cet événement sera éclectique et inventive. La salle footwork, avec @[182490341830364:274:RP Boo] aux commandes, sera à surveiller. Le pionnier de l'étiquette Chi-Town sera accompagné de @[185721321514149:274:DJ Taye], associé de l'entité @[624047774351246:274:Teklife CREW], et de @[248981191792930:274:Jlin], protégé de @[122946584458507:274:Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)] et un des producteurs les plus novateurs que le genre ait connu ces dernières années. Le sorcier du microKorg @[142008585864306:274:Dorian Concept] et l'incroyable bassiste et aficionado de jazz astral @[404206916318839:274:Thundercat] seront aussi de la fête, de même que plusieurs participants de l'Academy.
Red Bull Music Academy will present a rare night of electronic mutations and instrumental experimentation on October 20th. Spread out over three rooms, the musical programming for the night will be eclectic and inventive. Keep a look out for the footwork room (led by Chi-Town pioneer @[182490341830364:274:RP Boo], @[624047774351246:274:Teklife CREW] affiliate @[185721321514149:274:DJ Taye] and @[122946584458507:274:Planet Mu (OFFICIAL)]'s @[248981191792930:274:Jlin], one of the most innovative producers the genre has seen in recent years) – as well as BRAINFEEDER’s bass virtuoso @[404206916318839:274:Thundercat] and microKORG wizard @[142008585864306:274:Dorian Concept] heading up the live room and a wide range of Academy participants joining in on the fun.

Playing my first show in New York next week!

Tonight! Set times below (sorry slightly earler than advertised)

Fazerdaze - 8.15pm
Zen Mantra 9pm
Flying Nun Records presents a evening with ZEN MANTRA (Burnside, New Zealand) and Fazerdaze (Auckland, New Zealand).

We've also found some out of print, CDs, 12"s, Limited Edition LP's and posters which will be on sale at GREAT prices.

This show will cost you LESS than the integrity deep in the soul of a Donald Trump, Borris Johnson, Nigel Farage amalgamation, 0.

(The show is free)

Elvis Guesthouse (85 Avenue A)
Poster design by Mathew Barney

-----------------------------------ZEN MANTRA-------------------------------

Dreamy, psychedelic pop songs seem to be the signature of New Zealand musician Zen Mantra (Sam Perry). And this, his self-titled second album, is filled with shimmering psychedelic lo-fi rock, and reverb drenched guitar melodies.

Following on from his 2013 debut album 'How Many Padmes Hum' the 10-track album sees the 21-year old bedroom producer joining the Flying Nun roster and expanding his focus to incorporate all forms of pop music from ethereal shoegaze to walls of psychedelic distortion. Taking cues from his fellow indie dreamers like DIIV and Wild Nothing, Zen Mantra has a pure pop energy, an expansive sound and plenty of hooks. Simply put Zen Mantra will make you feel warm and fuzzy.


Fazerdaze is the dream-pop, bedroom-recording project of New Zealand songstress and producer Amelia Murray. After releasing her self-titled EP, supporting Unknown Mortal Orchestra, Connan Mockasin and touring the UK, Fazerdaze plays in the land of the free for the first time.

Very honoured to be selected for the Red Bull Music Academy in Montreal this year :') <3

Will be going alongside two of my favourite NZ artists; Lontalius and merk!
<3 The 405 premiered my new music video! <3
Also, very pleased to announce that we are touring the UK next month!!! Tour dates in the link xo
Over the course of June and July, Fazerdaze and her live band will be touring through the UK with English band Big Deal.
✨👾 ✨ made a little playlist for Red Bull Studios ✨👾✨
my lil bedroom recording project on the lineup for Laneway Festival New Zealand - 2017 :'(
Hey, thanks to everyone who came along to our shows recently in Australia. We had a pretty special time and got to see some really cool bands at BIGSOUND. Some of our faves were: Tiny Little Houses, Japanese Wallpaper, Gabriella Cohen, Jarrow and Major Leagues 💕 

Pic taken by us in London earlier this year.
Timetable for The Others Way Festival 2016 this Friday.
We're on in the Galatos Main Room, 10.15pm :)
My first show in the USA last night If you are in NYC, I'm playing another tomorrow night at the Way Station in Brooklyn. Doors 7.30, I'm on 8!
🌻 Australian shows in September 🌻
Sunifest 2 ~ Melbourne ~ Sept 3
The Old Bar ~ Melbourne ~ Sept 4
BIGSOUND ~ Brisbane ~ Sept 7-9
We had a lot of fun at this last year and we're really pleased to be playing again; 💕✨ The Others Way Festival 2016 ✨💕
Goodbye UK... You were amazing ❤️

Thank you to everyone who helped us out, let us stay on their floors, bought merch, said hi after the shows ❤️ And much love to our new pals BIG DEAL... We're gonna miss you guys so much xxx

Photo taken by my sister In Bristol.
Midnight swim after our show in Brighton last night 💙

Tonight we play The Louisiana in Bristol; our final show of the UK Tour with Big Deal.
Thank you to the people that came and saw us play in London last night with our friends BIG DEAL and Kagoule. We've sold out of CDs now <3! (still have a few cassettes left)

Photo by our fellow Kiwi friend The Red Beanie x