eske__ seek: It drew itself.


Blue Eyez



falling thru the thickest ether levitate above the ground when i think of u, damn i shiver need to find a way to work u out. i was without foresight blind on every side how was i supposed to k
Machinedrum Remix of Braille's "Everyone's Crazy". Download the remix for free here: 'Mute Swan' LP due May 5th on Friends of F
KOTMSV2055 Teaser. A sneak peek into the future. 32 Zel / Planet Shrooms Drops on __________ 2015.
Saraswati's swan is transport for the goddess.
pinball wormhole thru the looking glass blue moon hidden in my stash ain't impossible to understand take a toke and pass it with the left hand and if i was cremated, transform, re-instated, rebo
HEADPHONES. . . ? i was just goin about my day when outta no where thoughts of u rain down outta no where i start missing u i was goin about my day got nothin to smoke to distract me ton