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Elena is an unsigned 17 year old singer/songwriter embracing a folky acoustic sound with a drop of alternate pop in the mix


Land of the Lord

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Laurence and I played in the Winter gardens today along with the talented Josh Yong, it was beautiful. Photos will be up very soon!!!
and such an 'entrancing' show it was for such a wonderful album
Sometimes as a reviewer it can feel disingenuous to use terms like marvellous, brilliant, and stunning - they don't quite ring true if the subject didn't actually blow you away. But - New Zealand Herald
Thank you to Finn for hosting, Laurence for the beautiful accompaniment and Dylan Pyle for filming. Have a look,
Playing Live at the Wine Cellar, Saint Kevin's Arcade, Auckland. featuring. Laurence Diack on Cello. Film credit to Dylan Pyle //
Thursday night was pretty great, I had a lovely time and for those who missed out on Laurence and I's set I did have a sneaky cat videoing some of it, thanks to Dylan Pyle so sit tight for it!
PLAYING TONIGHT // would love to see you all
So this song I recorded at home in about 15 minutes with one take and a strepsils packet on percussion and somehow it has almost cracked 2000 plays and lead to so many opportunities. I want to thank the people who have listened and shared this as it was honestly one of the only things the kept me doing what I love and pushed me to learn more about it. I've been working hard writing and developing, and have been exposed to so many new things that have pushed over these several months of study. Though I will look to keep recording in my little home studio in hope the reception is good, much love, El.
acoustic folk with chamomile tea and a sprig of alternate pop