'Confusion'- The Wyld

The Wyld made a bit of a splash in 2012, running alongside then-labelmates Loui The ZU and Kidsof88 with their debut album Preface, a collection of genre-blending tracks spearheaded by 'Revolution'. It's hard, though, to talk about a band that is fundamentally about fusion without using the actual word "fusion". (And who could blame you for wanting to avoid it? Rock-rap hasn't exactly fostered the most creative or artistically engaging music since its birth at the hands of Run DMC and Aerosmith.)

The Wyld, as it turns out, have crafted this track off their second album much more in the fashion of Chet Faker - or at points a less melancholic version of The Weeknd - than Limp Bizkit. Where MC Mo Kheir's vocals had, in past, sat heavily in the foreground, on 'Confusion' they've blended everything really nicely on this track - all while keeping plenty of texture and space.



Sarin Moddle is the Marketing Coordinator and radio host at 95bFM who is way not hipster enough to be a Marketing Coordinator and radio host for 95bFM.

Her current musical tastes are the result of a teenage Top 40 diet, a young adult obsession with hardcore, and nearly five years of having Indie beaten into her by her employer. The result? Soft spots for early 90's hip hop, unexpected re-imaginings of tracks in covers and remix form, pop sensibilities, and a solid kick drum.

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