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Counting down the weekly Top 10 unreleased, an interview with this week's feature artist Name UL, new music from Minuit, and the Best of 2012 including Watercolours, Loui The Zu, Randa, Xuri Xruz, Two Cartoons, Ruby Frost, The Side Steps Quintet, Suren Unka and Five Mile Town weekly Top 10 on 20 December:
#1 No Idea - The Helpful 
#2 Even In Darkness - Louis Baker 
#3 Make That Soul - Mihirangi 
#4 Moving On - Katie Thompson 
#5 The Love That Won't Shut Up - Minuit  
#6 2 minus 1 - Mike-Class  
#7 Lead The Way - Marconi Receiver   
#8 In The City - D:UNK 
#9 Record - The New Brides 
#10 All Saints Day - Great North

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