Producer, 22, Male, NZ, Altpop, Myopic
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I helped to produce this EP by Sages - sweet vocals and trippyness... check it out
5 track album
I helped produce this song with the talented Sages. Go check her out!
New single off Strawberry Crystal EP out November 17th. Lyrics: If true love finds me, connects all the pieces It's still fleeting, it still fades away Leaves a seed, leaves a pain All I can say i
NZ Musician mag knows what's up
Super prolific Te Awamutu Town producer and songwriter Boy Wulf keeps pumping out one album after the other. Only 9 months ago he released 'Eadwacer', and yesterday he dropped 'Dis-graceful', his third full release since March 2015 - yet again full of catchy electronic indie pop pearls.
Trickling out some new music that's been lying around
10 track album
Wrote a new jam - almost went acoustic but ended up with 808s
Dead Men's Teeth by Timothy
acid stag knows what's up - cheers guys
This new track from New Zealand's Boy Wulf, just may be the perfect intro to your Monday morning;