New Zealand's #2 middle class private school educated lesbian feminist rapper


Working on a proper album of demos like a proper artist and working on each song longer than a couple of hours #cominup
Found a lols as demo I made way back in 08... way before this boy wonderrr project was a even a twinkle in my vagina
Here's a lols as demo I made way back in 08... was just fucking around really, but that is all i do after all. is still characteristically crude yusss
my tumblier just got sexlier
hello my name is freya and i am boy wonderrr and i am a rapper from new zealand and i like dogs welcum 2 my tumblr boudoir
lol this is how people find my music... in their quest for porn. i <3 stats and my pervy fans
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yo, this is Tommy Ill's new album which he has very kindly put out for FREE. It's quite amazing, really moving. Check it out
11 track album
wooorrp c u there twerps!