Black Science are counted on by audiences to deliver a charismatic and high energy show that is both raucous and sincere. Flavouring their brand of sonic nirvana with surrealist pop melodies and intense psychedelic, spazzy freak-outs, Black Science are the house band of your dreams and nightmares. Burn & Rave is their magnum-opus.

Dylan Clarke - Guitar/Vocals
Alex Willi - Drums
Joss Colling - Bass/Vocals

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Dylan Clarke







Woodcock was amazing this year, awesome venue, all the bands were wicked, met yet more people from bands I really enjoyed, thanks Tauranga Music Sux. again for a great time. We felt so honoured to get some good pops from the crowd that gathered to see us, 11/10 would woodcock again. Bring on 2018! Listen to the last song we played in the set here:
Our debut album 'Burn & Rave' Out March 13!

Tour Announcement Soon!

Listen/Download First Single 'I Fell Off The Edge Of My Mind'

Produced by Edward Castelow (Dictaphone Blues) Black Science’s first full length kicks off with a fresh blast of fuzz and feedback. The album leads you through a dynamic set of tunes that carry a message of fear and loathing, defiance, and hope - all while not taking itself too seriously. The ten tracks recorded by the band (Dylan Clarke - Vocals/Guitar, Alex Willi - Drums, and Joss Colling - Bass/Vocals) bear the fruits of the beloved 80s alternative rock scene that emerged from indie labels like SST, Flying Nun and 4AD. Flavouring their brand of sonic nirvana with off-kilter surrealist pop and intense psychedelic, spazzy freak-outs that owe a debt in equal parts to The 3D’s, Crazy Horse and Robyn Hitchcock. Black Science are the kick up the arse you didn’t know you needed. Burn & Rave is their magnum-opus.

Have at!
from the album Burn & Rave
Honoured to be part of another Bummer Slam!! Next Saturday folks, come see BS @ BS XVIIX

Warm up your 'Whoo's'. Say your prayers and take your vitamins. Tell any other plans you may have made to 'Suck it'. Then know your role and shut your mouth because this January the 21st you will be attending the super wrestling extravaganza that is Bummerslam XVIIX. And that's the bottom line cause a string of wrestling cliches said so.

Yes it's that time of the year again. The one that started them all. The show that all other shows lead to. The highlight of the wrestling event calendar. The grandaddy of them all. The one that has Vince Mcmahon shaking in his boots for fear of us - his competition. The wrestling showcase to end all other wrestling showcases. This is Bummerslam.

Emanating from Tauranga's Madison Square Garden - The Maleme Street Pub and yet again featuring the sports entertainment talents of Hughes Academy of Professional Wrestling. Featuring such fan favourites as Tauranga's favourite sons; Bull Addamz, Lazarus Volt, Scowlin Wolf, Steve 'The Natural' Jordan and the iconic unbeatable beast that is the Champ... With international veteran Graham Hughes and Aucklands top wrestling talent including Charlie Roberts, Krystal Kayne, Kartik and Frankie Quinn. This kicks off at 7pm with all the flips, falls, crashes and splashes one could expect from this rag tag bunch of brawlers.

With a special intermission performance from wrestling covers band "The Montreal Screw Job" playing the theme songs from your favourite wrestling superstars that were both too good and too expensive for us to afford to bring over.

$10, tickets available at the door. R18, unless accompanied by a guardian. Bring your own steele chairs. 14" Pythons.

First one in ages and just before Chrimbus! Let your freak flag fly sky high with some sick pop groups. We love you.

It's the last Wednesday before Christmas, which obviously means you should go out and see some great bands and either get psyched for the big day or let loud amps help you block out the thought of another year of overdone turkey and drunk uncles discussing politics and house prices.

$5. Cheaper than a Georgie Pie Combo.

Helping with the pysching or sorrow drowning are:


It's been five months since these fine gentlemen have graced the stages of Auckland, and we've missed them! But they're back in "The Place Desired By Many" with their usual brand of 3-piece madness/decadence.


These guys on the other hand have been gigging up a storm in Auckland and elsewhere for the past few months with their 3-piece "guitarless guitar music". They have done so many gigs that if you haven't seen them then you are probably becoming a shut-in and you need to start getting out ASAP. Start with this gig.


Alas, we are breaking the 3-piece solidarity pact. Five people, new band, first gig, excited. Come see us get blooded. I'm scared, but in a good way.

Morena dudes and dudettes tune in this morning were on fancy new band on bfm this morning at 10.30. We're "fancy" and we're "new" 😂😂😂

Listen to us laugh and cry and jive. And also we will be playing 3 new songs . Boom happy do do happy dee Dee happy days.

Tonight playing with bloody brill Thee Rum Coves at wino celly

Thee Rum Coves & Black Science take down the Wine Cellar.
Bands from 9pm. Only $10!

It's Tomi's birthday, come and drink Pisco.