The latest signing to MTC is Billz, a young artist who has been writing since the age of 9. Growing up in a church family environment, it was here he found many of his influences and morals. But he is no church rapper, his voice is that of the streets.Billz aims to empower youth and be a role model who not only speaks positively but also backs up what he speaks. "I've just got a different approach, Im not your normal artist. Music to me is influence and rap has a huge pull over youth and people of my generation. I just wanna stand in the gap".Being a rapper wasnt always a dream for Billz until he hit his teen years. "I guess it took me a while to find my place as an artist, I needed to do some growing up before I could take it seriously". As an artist Billz is focussed on the success that he can bring to others aswell as himself. 2013 is going to be a crucial year Billz says,"2013 is really when I'm gonna stamp my name on  the rap game. Not only in New Zealand but worldwide. Kill the game and change lives is a frequent term I use and I take that seriously. This next year is going to be interesting".



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