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Now I could rant on about my generous list of accolades, international support appearances or even the various underground releases ive put out in the past few years - but the naked truth is that won't help you to understand the genetic make up of my music - in fact in some cases it could deter those who are allergic to self promotional jibber jabber in turn doing the opposite of what this blurb was originally designed to do.

Why should you press play? If you love real hip hop you already know the answer and in most cases you have already tuned in which is awesome, you are the number one reason im here! on other sides of the spectrum you could well be an all around music lover which means you are seeking a connection with my artistry, so let me tell you what i represent. 

I represent the little guy, i have no record deal, no label or no managment team, what i do have is a set of skills unlike anybody in NZ. I can freestyle about the clothes your wearing or write a song about the clothes i used to have, i make music for the demographic of people who just want to heard, and deserve the right to be; my movement is for the people and the power they long to posess - if you want to get something more than commerical imagery and overplayed gimics out of hiphop then this is the place to be! 


One love ♥


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New Sima x Scribe! Get you some!
Chorus and arrangement by Scribe first verse big sima. (C) Red Corner.
My New Single! Like/Share/Listen/Enjoy! Much <3
"Made by god, perfected by the devil" Vote for me at the audience here: Download my album "...
Welcome to my page whanau! Download my album from earlier this year over here "Words To Live By"
Big Sima - Words To Live By LP.rar