"Solid Ground" is a song i made for all those going through it, i want to secure funding to make a video that can be a PSA for suicide awareness, so every vote equals a step forward torwards further educating people on where they can go and who they can talk to if they're having problems dealing with the issues of day to day life. Much love and respect to everyone in advance for supporting this movement!

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My new video just dropped! Check it out ✌
Video Edited by Adam Carter Directed by Adam Carter, Corban Pemberton and Lucas Taua-Fahey Beat Produced by A.C Beats
Sup yo! here is my Summer LP "The Upper" fresh out the box! Up for free download for a limited time! Check it out :)
Recorded by Citizen Snips / Mixed by Citizen Snips and Big Sima Mastered by BasicPro (C) GMG 2014
Whats good! Here's my brand new single from my 2nd album this year entitled "The Upper" this song is called "Work" you can find all the purchase links below! hope you enjoy it :)

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First official single from my 2nd album of 2014 "The Upper" Written and performed by Big Sima Produced by Mike Dreams (C) GMG 2014
Shout out to all the new followers, here is the first look at my new album "The Upper" which drops on the 23rd of October! This song is called "Dreamers" and features the very talented Ciaran McMeeken (like his page) hope you enjoy! <3
Written by Big Sima Vocals by Big Sima & Ciaran Mcmeeken Produced by Mike Dreams (C) GMG 2014
Whats good fam! BRAND NEW song taken from my summer album "THE UPPER" titled "DREAMERS" hope you enjoy it!
Written by Big Sima Vocals by Big Sima & Ciaran Mcmeeken Produced by Mike Dreams (C) GMG 2014
My album will be available on ITunes as of this Saturday! so if your an apple user you will be able to get yourself a copy easy as, also you can purchase the songs 1 by 1 so if you are one of those people after "HEART LIKE A LION" for your workout playlist it will now be available for purchase via the ITunes store! Thanks for your continued support - Much <3
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