Bailey - Singer, Songwriter, MusicianA soulful voice with depth of presence and lyrical dynamic beyond her years, Bailey characterises the epitome of a fresh yet humble approach to her version of New Zealand music. Bailey is critically acclaimed as one of New Zealand's most vital and current emerging artists.Bailey's sound creates colour and depth across a range of genre, she promotes a musical environment that is relatable and limitless. Bailey is influenced primarily by soul and RnB, her work is also characterised by a flavour of hip hop which accommodates both eerie tones and synthesized bass, that roll throughout her tracks.Bailey is working with producers and musicians across New Zealand making music which is both literal and organic, her lyrics alongside these collaborations moving from strength to strength. Bailey's fearless approach to performance engages the audience while offering a raw edge, where emotionality and passion are simultaneously embraced and evoked, creating light and shade throughout each vocal experience. Her performance demonstrates a familiar and undeniable comfort in her own skin, the audience captured by her effortless tones and intimate manner. Bailey's collection of new tracks on the EP 'Inevitable' move across a range of genre from RnB Hip Hop to a stripped back, raw encounter of soul at its best. These songs are the epitome of an artist's early works, lyrically raw, unblemished and original.


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