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So much gratitude to AfriKa on My Sleeve! Thank you for featuring Back Pedal !!<3 <3 #FUBU

Bajan-Kiwi Queen Amber has just dropped her newest single 'Back Pedal' and we are honoured to be the first share it. Filmed in the streets of Barcelona, Spain, 'Back Pedal' is a tune that captures the spirit of being free from societal conventions.

Click below to press play on this dancehall influenced track.

Wow! It's the 21st and I am so happy to finally get to share this with you!! I felt so compelled to make this track, and to create something different and fresh that would let you all in to another dimension of my music.
Special thanks to Rei Music who produced this track, and created something so dope and perfect! And to Chris at Kog Studio for making it shine with the mix and master!
And to Max P Visuals for the amazing video!

Here it is, my new single Back Pedal!

This one is for saying no to being limited, tamed or changed.
Much Love <3 And if you feel it, please spread it <3
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Here's a little Sunday surprise thanks to Neighbourhood <3. An extended version of me playing The Storm from my first EP, Fly By Night.

You can listen to the entire track here:
If you enjoyed our Orewa episode this morning - here's an exclusive online treat, an extended version of the lovely song Amber Maya played for us. Enjoy!
New Zealand! I'll be on TVNZ 1 at 11am this Sunday! I'll sing you a song (or part of one) and take you through some great things that are happening in my beautiful NZ hood Orewa. So plan your brunch viewings, or catch it online on demand after on TVNZ OnDemand!
Much Love <3 and thank you to the Neighbourhood team! xx
Here's just taste of the stories on offer when musician Amber Maya, who was born in Barbados, is our guide to the town of Orewa on the Hibiscus Coast, this week. We explore an ancient Turkish craft and discover why Romanian street games are kicking it out of the park in Orewa. A woman from Mexico puts her stamp on some traditional treats and we’ll meet a man who believes that God’s love extends to all comers. This Sunday at 11am on TVNZ 1 and then TVNZ OnDemand
This voice, this beautiful soul makes me melt. every. single. time.
If you do nothing else today, give this track 3 minutes and 17 seconds of your time. <3 thank you 0slo -- in love.
Let me make you blind ~ ~ ~
About to head to VFD for London Tribe! I'm on at 8pm! First performance ever in London, so come through and bring a friend! See you there😘😘😘
BACK PEDAL | 21.04.17